Who We Are

About the Congress Oxford Summer School

The Congress Oxford Summer School was established by Dr M Sohail – a University of Oxford academic since 1991 and CEO of LibPubMedia Ltd – and Mr M Newell of St Hilda’s College, Oxford – an English language and British culture teacher, who has worked with Japanese students for several years.

The Congress Oxford Summer School is a subsidiary of LibPubMedia Ltd – an Oxford-based company, established by University of Oxford academics and alumni, which has been providing excellence in communication via state-of-the-art conferences, symposia, training courses, workshops, and publications and editorial services since 2005. Based on our long-standing commitment with communication, education and scientific research, we are well-placed for making a positive and substantial contribution to the teaching of English language and the British culture to benefit non-English speakers.

Our keen interest in teaching Japanese students stems from, (i) our experienced teaching staff specialising in working with Japanese students for many years, and (ii) the considerable commitment, dedication and respect that Japanese students show towards their studies. Furthermore, we want to encourage young Japanese students to develop their English language and to explore the British Culture. We are confident that the experience we offer will help them to realise their potential to contribute to their own society by their new language skills, assist in their commitment to developing their careers, and demonstrate their interest in increasing intercultural understanding.

Dr Sohail is the Managing Director of the School and is responsible for the administrative matters, while Mr Newell is the Director of Teaching and looks after the academic aspects of the School.

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