Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend?

Registration for our next summer schools on 13-24 August 2018 at Oxford (UK) is now open!

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The ability to communicate effectively in English is critical to making the most of not only the educational and job opportunities in English-speaking countries, but also to communicate effectively with colleagues in other parts of the world. Thus, our programmes are suitable for anyone who, for example:

  • Is at a senior school or has just finished school and is starting university/college soon or taking a gap year
  • Already studies at a university and is interested in improving English
  • Studies courses such as globalisation, environment, business, economics, politics, foreign services, music, sports science, etc, that are likely to require interaction with professionals internationally
  • Plans to study in English-speaking countries
  • Is considering laboratory research or higher studies in science and technology, or other disciplines, that will require communication and interaction with international collaborators
  • Is involved in international sporting events, such as Tokyo Olympics, or western sports
  • Is generally interested in improving their English and knowledge of the British culture

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for:

  • our senior school, you must be 18 or over on 13th August 2018.
  • our junior school, you must be 15-17 years old on 13th August 2018.



  • 15歳以上の学生、もしくは、高校卒業生で、これから進学を控える学生の方。
  • すでに大学生で、英語の上達を希望する方。
  • グローバリゼーション、環境、ビジネス、経済、政治、外交、音楽、スポーツ科学などの分野で、専門家との国際交流が必要とされる分野を勉強されている方。
  • 東京オリンピックなど国際スポーツイベントや他国際的なスポーツに関わっている方。
  • 英語の上達を希望する方やイギリス文化の知識を深めたい方。


  • ジュニア・コース 2018年8月13日(月)の時点で15歳から17歳の方。
  • シニア・コース 2018年8月13日(月)の時点で18歳以上の方。