Security, Supervision & Care

Student welfare, wellbeing, and Health & Safety are of paramount importance to us, and we are committed to protecting and safeguarding all our students attending our programmes. We understand that for many of our students this may be their first time away from home. So, as well as finding it an exciting new experience, both socially and academically, they may find it somewhat overwhelming. Therefore, we have an efficient support system in place to ensure that our students feel safe and secure, and have an enjoyable and relaxing experience while attending our courses. This is also expected to be an anxious time for parents, so we will keep them informed on a regular basis.

Programme Staff

We carefully interview our staff, do background checks via personal and academic references. The performance of our staff is also regularly monitored by our senior management via spot checks and staff meetings.

Our academic staff includes academic directors, teachers and tutors, who, together, ensure high-quality delivery of the academic aspects of our programmes.

Depending upon the nature and size of the programme, our support and admin staff includes resident deans, resident mentors, activity coordinators and student helpers.

We will have a dedicated, 24-hour telephone helpline for parents/legal guardians and students throughout the programme they are attending.

Accommodation: Home Away From Home

We aim to provide our students comfortable and secure accommodation, where they can relax and enjoy, just as they do at home. All students will be housed in secure college campus accommodation to give them a taste of Oxford student life. In addition to our own resident staff, colleges have 24-hour security and on-duty porters to respond to any emergencies. Rooms and college entrances are accessible via electronic keys, which are monitored by the college security staff. Moreover, college campuses are monitored by 24-hour CCTV cameras. Boys and girls will be housed in separate corridors. Junior school members will have dedicated supervisors for assistance, who will be Oxford Undergraduate students of the same gender.

Attendance & Monitoring

Student presence and welfare will be monitored throughout the day via regular attendance checks by our admin and/or academic staff. Student mentors will accompany students on half- and full-day excursions, in and out of Oxford, and will take regular attendance while away from the campus.