Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Our course fee does not include travel and medical insurance for students. We, therefore, strongly advise our students/their parents/legal guardians to take comprehensive travel insurance in connection with their attendance of our programmes that will cover the student against all costs and consequences, such as cancellation, accidental damage to their own and others’ property, theft and loss of personal property, and legal expenses.

Medical Insurance

Medical treatment in the UK is expensive and is not covered by the National Health Service (NHS) if the person is staying in the UK for less than six months, which will be the case for all our international students. Thus, we strongly advise that their insurance policy includes comprehensive medical and emergency treatment, and repatriation.

Students travelling from an EEA/EU country are strongly advised to carry their European Health Insurance Card, which will allow medical treatment in UK at a reduced rate, or in some cases without charge. Nevertheless, they must also consider taking a comprehensive travel and medical insurance.