English Language


We offer three types of programmes in English language:

  • International, designed for students from any part of the world
  • Japanese only, designed for students of Japanese origin from anywhere in the world
  • Country-/region-specific, designed for groups of students from specific countries/regions, including, but not limited to: China; Middle Eastern/Arab countries; Spain, Italy and other European countries; Korea; Malaysia; the Subcontinent; and Brazil. Such programmes will have the added advantage of support staff from the students’ host countries.

Our highly-interactive programmes are aimed at stimulating and activating interest in the English language through a range of tried-and-tested, vibrant and innovative teaching methods, and will include intensive work on listening, speaking, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, but will be ‘topic-oriented’. For example, in addition to using standard English language textbooks, we will encourage learning by discussing topics of interest to students, such as: globalisation; world environmental problems; world resources; advances, and positives and negatives of technology; world health issues; etc. This will not only improve the students’ language skills, but give them the confidence to discuss topics that matter in everyday life and develop their own opinion on such matters.

The students will also be asked to write a project on a topic of their interest. They will prepare and give presentations, and will be taught about important aspects of making a good presentation, such as voice modulation and body language. Furthermore, the programme will include student-led sessions involving planning and managing of activities, such as drama, group discussions, presentations, competitions and written projects.

How will this course be taught?

The course will be taught by one or more tutors and will consist of approximately 20 hours of teaching per week. This will include lectures, presentations by students, essay writing, and one or more keynote plenaries to be given by Oxford academics. The students will also be encouraged to actively participate in class tutorial discussions. We are confident that such interactive learning will enhance students’ language and communication skills, develop critical thinking and build confidence.

Are excursions and activities included?

Yes! Although the key focus of our programmes is academic development, it will not just be work and study! We want our students to take back many happy memories. All our students will enjoy visits to places in and outside Oxford, and join various social and extra-curricular activities alongside a diverse range of cultural experiences.

Who should attend this course?
  • Students attending a senior school, starting university/college soon or taking a gap year
  • Those already at a university, interested in improving communication in English
  • Students studying courses such as physical and life sciences, environmental sciences, business, economics, politics, foreign services, international relations, etc., that will require interacting with professionals across the globe
  • Anyone planning to study in an English-speaking country, in particular the UK
  • Anyone considering laboratory research or higher studies in science and technology, or other disciplines that will require communication and interaction with international collaborators
  • Anyone involved in international sporting events, such as the Olympics or Western sports
  • English proficiency equivalent to IELTS level 5.0 (modest user) or above (IELTS test certificate/score is not required)
Additional services
  • We are happy to offer you access to our University Application Service at discounted rates if you book this course with us. Please inquire at the time of your enrolment.