This is the course for those who are passionate about chemistry. To get most out of this course you need to be curious towards sciences, think critically, and be enthusiatic, as it will take you beyond high school chemistry, and bridge your knowledge and learning with everyday and essential industrial applications of this one of the most ancient fields of science. So, this course will consolidate your previous knowledge and give you an insight into applied chemistry. You will learn about fundamental concepts and principles in chemistry, atoms, molecules, bonding and chemical reactions, calculations and kinetics. You will then learn how the knowledge of chemistry is being used in key industrial processes, such as designing and producing new medicines, making new types of plastics, extracting petroleum, making cosmetics, and so on. Some of the lessons will cover methods and techniques used in chemical and laboratory analysis, and the use of chemistry in allied fields, such as biology, nanotechnology, physics and environment.

You will learn about some of the early scientific heroes who set foundations of the modern field of chemistry, including Abu Musa Jabir ibn Hayyan (considered the father of chemistry), Dmitri Mendeleev (Periodic Table), John Dalton (Atomic Theory), Amedeo Avegadro (Avegadro’s constant), Marie Curie (radiochemistry), and many Oxford scientists, such as Roger Bacon (scientific methods), Robert Boyle (Boyle’s Law), and Alexander Fleming (Penicillin).

How will this course be taught?

The course will be taught by one or more tutors and will consist of approximately 20 hours of teaching per week. This will include discussions, presentations and workshops, lectures, and one or more keynote plenaries to be given by Oxford academics. The students will also be encouraged to actively participate in class tutorial discussions. We are confident that such interactive learning will enhance the students’ language and communication skills, develop critical thinking and build confidence.

Are excursions and activities included?

Yes! Although the key focus of our programmes is academic development, it will not just be work and study! We want our students to take back many happy memories. All our students will enjoy visits to places in and outside Oxford, and join various social and extra-curricular activities alongside a diverse range of cultural experiences.

Who should attend this course?
  • Students doing GCSEs/O-levels/A-levels or equivalent
  • Students planning to pursue a career or studies in a chemistry discipline
  • Anyone interested in chemistry and it real-life applications
  • English proficiency equivalent to IELTS level 5.0 (modest user) or above (IELTS test certificate/score is not required)
Highly recommended
  • Have studied or is studying chemistry at high school level
Additional services
  • We are happy to offer you access to our University Application Service at discounted rates if you book this course with us. Please inquire at the time of your enrolment.