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Our English Language and British Culture Programme

Registration for our next summer schools on 13-24 August 2018 at Oxford (UK) is now open!

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Our highly-interactive and involved programmes are aimed at stimulating and activating interest in the English language through a range of tried-and-tested, vibrant and innovative teaching methods. We provide highly-focussed English Language and British culture programmes at prestigious Oxford University Colleges, created specifically for Japanese students. Please download our Summary Brochure 2018 or request the Full Brochure.

Our programmes will include intensive work on listening, speaking, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary but will be ‘topic-oriented’.

Key features of our teaching programme, with the ultimate goal to communicate in English with confidence, are:

  • A self-assessment exercise at the beginning and at the end of the programme to ascertain student progress
  • Small group teaching to ensure individual attention
  • Interactive and enjoyable activities to give students confidence, independence and the communication skills they need
  • Planning and management of activities by students in English, such as drama, group discussions, presentations, competitions and written projects – both in a team and as individuals
  • An insider’s taste of the British culture through a range of social and cultural activities, field trips and British sports

Who Should Attend

The ability to communicate effectively in English is critical to making the most of not only the educational and job opportunities in English-speaking countries, but also to communicate effectively with colleagues in other parts of the world. Thus, our programmes are suitable for anyone who, for example:

  • Is at a senior school or has just finished school and is starting university/college soon or taking a gap year
  • Already studies at a university and is interested in improving English
  • Studies courses such as globalisation, environment, business, economics, politics, foreign services, music, sports science, etc, that are likely to require interaction with professionals internationally
  • Plans to study in English-speaking countries
  • Is considering laboratory research or higher studies in science and technology, or other disciplines, that will require communication and interaction with international collaborators
  • Is involved in international sporting events, such as Tokyo Olympics, or western sports
  • Is generally interested in improving their English and knowledge of the British culture

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for:

  • our senior school, you must be 18 or over on 13th August 2018.
  • our junior school, you must be 15-17 years old on 13th August 2018.
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